Images of watery places


Images on this page were taken by Richard Jones unless otherwise stated.  They are not of the highest artistic quality as you will see! But do feel free to use them.  No need to get formal permission; but if you do, I would love to know you have (and how and why you are using them).

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And if you have any photos you would like to be displayed, and you too would be happy for others to use them, don’t hesitate to send them over and I will put them up.  I will be happy to acknowledge their source.  I would be very interested in images of watery places in flood.

Averham01 Averham02

Averham NTT: ‘[settlement] at the floods’


Bawsey NRF: ‘Baew’s island’

Bawsey1 Bawsey2

Bawsey NRF: ‘Baew’s island’ (Feb. 2016: showing standing water on the surrounding marshland)


Blakeney NRF: ‘Blacca’s or black island’

Bunny flood 001 Bunny flood 004

Bunny NTT: ‘Reed island’ (Nov. 2012: images courtesy of @JudithJesch)


Cuckney NTT: ‘Cucca’s island’

Cuckney03 Cuckney04

Cuckney NTT: ‘Cucca’s island’

Gedney2 Gedney1

Gedney LIN: ‘Gaeda’s island’