Want to know more about our project? Looking for speakers? Then just ask. We are very happy to talk about our research to local historical and archaeological societies and other interest groups. And we are very happy to tailor these talks to your local area. Just drop us an email.

3 September 2015, ‘Water consciousness in early medieval England’, European Association of Archaeologists’ Annual Meeting , University of Glasgow.

24 October 2015: ‘Anglo-Saxon water consciousness’, Water in Anglo-Saxon England symposium, Institute of Historical Research.

12 December 2015: ‘Early medieval settlements and place-names at the water’s edge’, Medieval Settlement Research Group Winter Seminar, University of Nottingham.

12 March 2016: ‘Living with water past, present, future’, Shropshire Archaeological and Historical Society.

24 June 2016: ‘Water out of place: using historical place-names to combat flooding’, New History Lab, University of Leicester.

11 November 2016: ‘Flood and flow: evaluating the physical legacy of riverine landscape around watery place-names’, Department of Geography, University of Southampton.

3 December 2016: ‘Flooding and water management through the evidence of place names’, Waiting for the End of the World: perceptions of disaster and risk in medieval Europe, University of Oxford.

8 February 2017: ‘Waterstrife: living with water past, present, future’, Market Harborough Historical Society.

14 February 2017: ‘Flood and Flow, Llif a Llifogydd: place-names and the changing hydrology of river systems’, Centre for Advanced Welsh and Celtic Studies, University of Wales.

17 February 2017: ‘Dealing with the modern flood threat: an historical perspective’, Environmental Action Society, University of Leicester.

22 February 2017: ‘Early medieval water consciousness and the threat of modern flooding’, School of Archaeology and Ancient History, University of Leicester.

22 March 2017: ‘Hidden in plain [floodplain] sight: place-names as a NFM resource’, Cumbria Strategic Flood Partnership Working with Natural Processes Knowledge Sharing Event.

10 May 2017: ‘Southwell and the Greet: Anglo-Saxon approaches to the modern flood threat’, Southwell Flood Forum, Bramley Centre, Southwell.

17 May 2017: Medieval and early modern water and water-management, round table discussion, Datini Economic History Conference, Prato, Italy.

14 September 2017: ‘A place-name-informed approach to early medieval flooding in England’, The Evolution of Flooding and Flood Risk, Geological Society, Burlington House, London.

19 September 2017: ‘Old English place-names and the communication of Traditional Ecological Knowledge’, English Place-Name Society, British Academy, London.

17 October 2017: ‘Floody flood flood’, Dead Important module, Archaeology, University of Nottingham

21 February 2018: ‘Fields and floods’, Norwell Historical Society, Norwell.

24 February 2018: ‘Living with water: past, present, future’, Spotlight on the Centre, Centre for English Local History, University of Leicester.

21 March 2018: ‘Understanding flooding: local geoarchaeological perspectives’, Wasperton Historical Society.

6-9 April 2018: ‘The slydinge watir: living with water in medieval Alrewas’, Society for Name Studies in Britain and Ireland conference, Arran.

6-9 April 2018: ‘Flood warnings: exploring the relationship between river-names and riparian settlement-names in England in the early medieval period’, Society for Name Studies in Britain and Ireland conference, Arran.

21 April 2018: ‘Living with rivers during periods of rapid climate change: early medieval perspectives on a contemporary problem’, Local Population Studies Society conference.

28 April 2018: ‘A watery landscape: floods and water-management in medieval Alrewas’, Staffordshire History Day, Stafford.

15 May 2018:  ‘Living with water past, present, future’, Wolds Historical Organisation.

5-7 September 2018: ‘Old Norse watery terms in English place-names and beyond’, Gersum: the Scandinavian Legacy in Medieval Britain, University of Cambridge.

23 October 2018: ‘A miscellany of place-names’, Upton Women’s Institute, Nottinghamshire

27 October 2018: ‘Place, water, and identity in medieval Wales’, Medium Aevum Day Conference, University of Glasgow.

29 November 2018: ‘Speaking fluently: watery place-names and the medieval landscape’,  Twenty-First Annual E.C. Quiggin Memorial Lecture, University of Cambridge

29 November 2018: ‘Washed away? The preservation and loss of medieval water knowledge in early modern English field-names’, Aberystwyth University.

30 November 2018: ‘The medieval geoarchaeology of lowland rivers: riverine place-names, environments and alluviation over the last millennium in central England’,  Association of Environmental Archaeology Conference, Aarhus, Denmark